Voter Assistance
Souls to the Polls is working with the League of Progressive Seniors to help senior citizens register to vote, engage in the vote-by-mail process and make sure there are adequate resources to have a safe in-person election on November 3.

Souls to the Polls has secured an agreement with the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) to set up voter assistance kiosks in the Senior Housing units. Volunteers, trained in voting registration and absentee ballot applications, provide assistance to senior residents on a regular basis at each site. This includes helping people make sure they are registered, request the application for absentee ballots, fill out the applications and make sure they are delivered.

Each housing site is unique and Souls to the Polls is working with HACM to design voter assistance tables in the safest possible place. When possible, the sites will be outside to maximize safety.

There are over 1,800 senior citizens in public housing and Souls to the Polls will work to ensure that all seniors have access to assistance as needed until November 3, 2020.

Senior Citizen Activism
Over 200 Milwaukee elders held a sit-in for justice on Saturday, June 13 at the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and North Avenue. This action was initiated by Solomon’s Outreach and Urban learning Sessions (SOULS) and Souls to the Polls. Other sponsors include the Baptist Conference, Pastor’s United, the League of Progressive Seniors, Queens Healing Queens, Black Women 50+ magazine, other churches and local businesses.

A spokesperson said, “ Elders cannot always march – the threat of COVID-19 and the fear of falling in a crowd is too risky. But senior citizens are old warriors , deeply committed to fighting for change. So, we are sitting down for justice this Saturday.”

Seniors brought lawn chairs and lined up on Martin Luther King Drive from North Ave to Meineke Street.

Pastor Watkins of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church said that this event was for the old soldiers,
“Equality is not a young people’s issues, it is a people issue. Just because we can’t move as fast doesn’t mean we can’t move. We want to show the community we are here. This time the old folks are up front. There is no school like old school.”

The Executive Director of Souls to the Polls, Rev. Greg Lewis, told people to register to vote and request absentee ballots at the Souls to the Polls tables set up with computers and volunteers (safety shields at each table) ready to help.

Work at senior housing sites
Set up voter assistance tables at senior housing sites on a weekly basis

Help with absentee voting
Help seniors request absentee ballots, make sure they receive ballots and help to complete, witness and deliver ballots.

Help with transport to vote
Arrange rides for people to vote in person during early vote or on election day.