Souls to the Polls is a leading partner in community actions | Fighting for Voter Safety

Voter registration and mobilization: Church member canvassers are doing outreach by phone, helping church members register to vote and request applications for absentee ballots. Since April, Souls to the Polls canvassers reached over 700 voters and helped 285 people to register.

Voter Protection: Souls to the Polls is a leading partner in state wide legal fights to protect voters.

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    • We were able to delay the voter purge in April but it is returning this summer. Republican legislators want to remove 200,000 voters from the registered voter rolls. Souls is preparing for the fight.
    • We have led the fight in Milwaukee to make sure the voting apparatus is effective. We have expanded the number of voting sights, increased the time approved for early voting and secured agreements to make absentee voting easier by providing voter assistance and ballot drop off sites at local libraries

Direct Action on Community Issues

    • Souls to the Polls is working with Senior Citizens to make sure older people have access and assistance to make their voice heard. In partnership with the League of Progressive Seniors, they have initiated an outreach effort through senior housing sites in Milwaukee to provide voter assistance and rides to the polls for elderly persons.
    • Souls to the  Polls is working with Black Lives Matter organizers to support the marches and make sure young people stay involved to mobilize a large and unified voting bloc for change.
    • Souls to the Polls is recruiting volunteers to:
      • engage their families and friends into election activities
      • become voter registration activists and help people get their absentee ballots
      • become poll workers for the elections on August 11 and November 3.